Video Course Contents

Course Contents

20 video lessons with Revision PDFs plus video exercises for practice. See below for descriptions of what each section covers.

VidpdfWorkshop 1: Countables & Uncountables

Video lesson + Revision PDF

Learn the 2 vital rules to remember when using countable and uncountable nouns.

Vidx2Practice exercises

2 video exercises to help you practice use of Countables & Uncountables. John also explores nouns which can be both countable and uncountable.


2vidspdfWorkshops 2 & 3: Articles: A, An, The, Zero Article

Video lessons + Revision PDF

Articles: the biggest source of mistakes in English! John shows you exactly when to use A, An, The & Zero Article.

Vidx2Practice exercises

Practice articles with John in these 2 exercises: "Spot the Mistakes" and "Add the Right Articles". Also: when do we use "zero article"?


2vidspdfWorkshops 4 & 5: 'The' and Zero Article: Special uses

Videos + Revision PDF

2 extremely important lessons with a total of 78 images to accompany examples so you won't forget them.

Vidx2Practice exercises

Revision exercises for all articles. Example problems: Does "to watch TV" need an article? Is it to go "to college" or to "the college"? John explains all.


VidpdfWorkshop 6: There is & There are

Video + Revision PDF

Easy in the basic form. Not so easy in Question / Negative forms and in different tenses. John explains the essentials.

Vid-iconPractice exercises

A special, highly visual practice exercise: interpret the illustrations with the right form of "there is" / "there are" in the correct tense.


3vidspdfWorkshops 7-9: Quantity: Some/any, many/much, a few/a little

3 Videos + Revision PDFs

What's the difference between "few" and "a few"? Can I use "some" in negatives? John covers quantity in full detail.

3vidsPractice exercises 

2 practice exercises and 1 revision exercise, covering 8 quantity words. Exercises come with a range of illustrations to help you remember them better.


VidpdfWorkshop 10: In, At, On: time

Video + PDFs 

16 categories of use of these prepositions. Special illustrations make each category easy to understand and remember.

VidpdfPractice exercises

2 practice exercises with realistic sentences from typical conversations where time is important, e.g. in making plans, talking about the past, etc.


2vidspdfWorkshops 11 & 12: Verb tenses: The Present

Videos + Revision PDF

Present Simple & Present Continuous tenses. Plus: what's the secret to learning verb tenses? John explains in this lesson.

Vidx2Practice exercises

Work through real-life sentences in the Present with John. He also explains some common and "fatal" grammar mistakes here.


3vidspdfWorkshops 13, 14 & 15: Verb tenses: The Past

Videos + Revision PDF

Past SimplePast Continuous & Present Perfect tenses: the differences explained with helpful examples and visuals.

3vidsPractice exercises

Interpret cartoons and other images.


2vidspdfWorkshops 16 & 17: Verb tenses: The Future

Videos + Revision PDF

Future Simple & "Going to". Learn which tenses to use for plans, sudden decisions and predictions.

Vidx2Practice exercises

Two more sets of visual exercises. E.g. "I will try" or "I'm going to try": What's the difference?


Vidpdfmp3Workshop 18: Irregular Verbs

Video + Revision PDF + MP3

It's so much easier to practice irregular verbs with someone. Watch and listen to John as he works through the top 50 irregular verbs. You can also download an MP3 to your iPod.

2vidspdfWorkshops 19 & 20: Phrasal Verbs

Videos + Revision PDFs

A great way to sound like a native English speaker? Use Phrasal Verbs more often. With special illustrations.

Vidx2Practice exercises

3 sets of exercises to help you practice and remember 50 of the most important Phrasal Verbs in English. Focuse on the prepositions: in, out, on, off, away, back, up, down and at.

     Countable and uncountable nouns 

     Countable and Uncountable
     Learn the two key rules

     "The": Special Uses
      "The": Special Uses
      10 special uses of 'the' here

     Phrasal Verbs - Part 1 

     Phrasal Verbs Part 1
     Each example with a picture

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