"How Clean is Your Home?" (Tenses Revision)

Grammar Summary:

Toxins in the home: what lengths will people go to purify their homes? Grammar notes on verb tenses. 

Open the article and answer the questions below. Article link: http://www.nytimes.com/2012/03/15/garden/going-to-extreme-lengths-to-purge-household-toxins.html?_r=1&ref=style

In this article we’re looking closely at some of the most common verb tenses, namely: Present Simple, Past Simple and Present Perfect.

Questions on verb tenses: 

Toxins at home

Look at Pages 1 & 2 ONLY of the article. How many examples can you find of the following:

1. Present simple, question form?

2. Present simple, negative form?

3. Past simple, negative form?

4. Past simple, negative question?

5. Present perfect, positive form?

6. Present perfect, negative form?

7. Past perfect tense, all forms?


1. Answer
: 2 times

- “...am I paranoid enough?”  (Pg.1, Para. 13)
- “What do we know...?” (Page 2, Para 7)

2. Answer: 2 times

- “...doesn’t come” (Pg.1, Para. 9)
-“These aren’t...” (Pg. 2, Para 6)

3. Answer: 5 times

- “...were not comforting” (Pg. 1, Para. 2)
- “...didn’t know and didn’t intend to find out” (Pg. 1 Paragraph 2)
- “...neither corporations nor the government could be counted on” (Pg.1, Para. 6)
- “...didn’t assuage” (Pg.1, Para. 11)

4. Answer: 1 time

- “Didn’t [they] turn out OK?” (Page 2, Para 1)

5. Answer: 7 times

- “...have forever worried” (pg.1, para.14)
- “...has increased”, “We’ve seen...”,“...have tied” (Page 2, Para 6)
- “...has created” (Page 2, Para 8)
- “...has tried” “...have led” (Page 2, Para 9)

6. Answer: 1 time

- “...hasn’t been studied much” (pg.1, para.7)

7. Answer: 2 times

- “...had previously spent” (Pg.1, Para. 5)
-“...had inadvertently stuck” (Pg.1, Para. 5)


[End of exercise]

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