Question Forms (Comprehension)

Grammar Summary:

Interview with Lady Gaga: Watch the interview and answer the following questions. Grammar points include question forms and superlatives.




1. What is special about the hat she is wearing?

2. True or false: She always puts a lot of thought into her costume designs.

3. True or false: She gives her clothes to charity when she has finished with them.


4. Find an example of a superlative in the first 30 seconds of the clip.

5. How many examples of the following question forms are there in the first 2 minutes of the clip?

   i) Questions with 'to be';
   ii) Questions with 'do' / 'does';
   iii) Questions with 'who' / 'what' as subject.


6. What is the word used here for an Italian tomato sauce?

7. Find the word for a person in charge of a museum collection.



1. Answer: It spells her name: 'Gaga'

John saysIt's also made of feathers.

2. Answer: False
She says sometimes she puts a lot of thought into them and sometimes she puts no thought into them (1.45)

3. Answer: False
When pressed on the subject she says she keeps an archive of her clothes (2.23).

4. Answer: "the biggest selling album of the year (2011)"

See our lesson on comparatives and superlatives for more.

5. Answers as follows:

   i) With 'to be': Answer: 3 -
       - 'How are you?' (0.50)
       - 'Are those feathers?' (1.03)
       - 'Are they sent to Africa?' (1.51)

   ii) With 'do' / 'does': Answer: 2 -
       - 'Do you think of these things?' (1.18)
       - 'Do you take care of them afterwards?' (1.48)

   iii) With 'who' / 'what' as the subject: Answer: 2 -
       - 'Who comes up with this?' (1.17)
       - 'What becomes of the costumes?' (1.47)

These are the main 3 types of question. Students often find it helpful to practice conjugating the verb 'to be' in the question form and all other verbs with 'do' and does'. Questions with 'who' or 'what' as the subject are generally easier to form.

6. Answer: gravy
According to the host, this is the New York word for Italian tomato sauce. Gaga says she makes one with fennel. Note that normally a 'gravy' is a brown sauce made by thickening the juice from a cooked meat.

7. Answer: curator
The host asks her if she has a curator for her collection of used clothes. (2.25)

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