Is Olympic Tennis Prestigious?

Grammar Summary:

Reading Comprehension. Does Olympic tennis lack the prestige of the traditional tournaments? With grammar questions (e.g. quantifiers) and vocabulary.

Open the article and answer the questions. Article link:

Answer the following questions: 

Lesson B

1. True or False: Tennis does not have much Olympic heritage.

2. True or False: Wimbledon is considered more prestigious than the Olympics for tennis.

3. True or False: Certain sportsmen used to consider that Olympic success was the ultimate glory.

4. True or False: Football is not played at the Olympics.

5. True or False: Tennis players who represent their country now prefer to play in the Davis Cup instead of the Olympics.

6. True or False: Roger Federer probably is not concerned about not having won the Olympics.

7. True or False: Players will wear their national colours at the Olympics.


1. Answer: True
“Tennis has little Olympic heritage”. (Paragraph 3.) “Little” before an uncountable noun means “not much”.

2. Answer: True
Being Olympic champion lacks the prestige of being Wimbledon champion. (Paragraph 1.)

3. Answer: False
“Olympic success has long represented the ultimate glory” . (Paragraph 3.)

4. Answer: False
It is played but not revered. See paragraph 4.

5. Answer: False
See paragraph 4.

6. Answer: False
For Fereder it is probably “hard to accept”. (Paragraph 8.)

7. Answer: True
See Paragraph 9.

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