Grammar Check: Cristiano Ronaldo

Grammar Summary:

How is Cristiano's English grammar? Listen to the first 3 minutes of this interview with soccer-player Cristiano Ronaldo and find 22 mistakes.

See below the video for mistakes (Part 1) and corrections (Part 2).



Part 1: The mistakes

Grammar mistakes

Part 2: The Corrections

"I've never done this before"

He needs the Present Perfect tense here. The time expression 'before' refers to the unfinished past.

2. "The part (which) I enjoy the most is breaking windows."

i) A 'part' is a 'which' or a 'that'. Not a 'who'.
ii) In the second mistake he is confusing comparatives with superlatives.
iii) He needs a gerund for the verb 'to break'.

3. "It reminds me of when I was young"

He has confused the verb 'to remember' with 'to remind'. He has also forgotten his Past Tense.

"When I broke the window of a neighbour / a neighbour's window"

In the third mistake he has used the quantity: 'one' instead of the indefinite article: 'a'.

"I had a difficult day"

Again, he is having problems with verb tenses and articles.

6. "My mum beat / hit me"

The Phrasal Verb 'beat up' is too strong here - it means to beat someone until they are injured. He should use the verbs 'to beat / hit' for a parent physically disciplining a child.

7. "There's no pressure, nobody beats me"

He has forgotten the construction 'there is'. In the second mistake he is forgetting to add 's' for the third person form of the present tense.

8. "I think I'm a complete player"

He has forgotten his indefinite article.

9. "I have a strong shot"

His grammar is confused here.

10. "These tests, the results won't always be the same"

He needs to learn negative forms of verbs properly.

11. "I'm enjoying it a lot, because you know, I've never done this before"

In the first mistake he is confusing Present Simple and Present Continuous.

12. "It's quite fun because I can see my body working."

Again his grammar is confused.


John says What grade (A-E) would you give Cristiano for his English grammar?

Answer: His grammar needs a lot of work. He doesn't use tenses or articles properly. He is unable to conjugate verbs in the negative. We grade him 'D-'. 

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