Common Mistakes: Jet Li (ii)

Grammar Summary:

Part 2. Watch the second part of this interview with Jet Li; there are 8 more mistakes to find (9-16).



Part 1: The mistakes:

Grammar mistakes


Part 2: The Corrections:

"I think all the action actors in the world..."

This needs the plural for 'actors' generally.

10. Should be: "He has a heart"

The word 'heart' is a countable singular noun. It needs an article.

"Usually action movies...His movies always show you something"

There are two missing plurals here.

12. "I really respect working with him"

13. "I really respect everybody who works on this film"

The word 'everybody' is singular - we must therefore use the third person singular form of 'work'.

14. "Not just three of us, there are a lot more people"

1) We need the construction: "There are". A common mistake is to say "there have", as he has here.

2) We say "a" lot more not simple "lot" more

3) The plural of "person" is "people" (without 's').

15. "Each person has a unique, you know, character"

He has confused his third person forms and articles here.

16. "There is a lot of action" or "It has a lot of action"

The grammar is rather confused at the end here.

[End of exercise]


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