Common Mistakes: Jet Li (i)

Grammar Summary:

Find the grammar mistakes: Part 1. Watch this interview with Chinese actor Jet Li. As you will hear, he makes some very common and avoidable grammar mistakes.

In this section there are 8 mistakes to find.



Part 1: The mistakes:


Part 2: The Corrections:

1. "His character, I think is very straightforward"
He has forgotten the verb 'to be'. This is a bad mistake.

2. "He doesn't have a family"
The negative form of third person singular (present simple tense) requires 'does not / doesn't' plus the verb. Another bad mistake.

"In his mind he always dreams about the future"
The third person singular forms of regular verbs require an '-s' for Present Simple. Yet another bad mistake.

"Just like a lot of American people have a dream / dreams"
There is confusion here over the use of articles.

"He dreams one day he will have a wonderful wife, a wonderful son...have a good education"

More confusion over third person forms and articles.

"... he works ... because he wants to protect his family"
And again.

7. "We've known each other for ten years.
The tense here should be Present Perfect, not Present Simple.

8. "So three movies together, just like brothers"
He has forgotten the plural twice here.


John says Note: These are all bad but avoidable mistakes. See the second part of this grammar exercise for more mistakes.

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