Job Interview (iii): Articles

Grammar Summary:

Part 3. Grammar focus: Articles. Read the final part of the interview and fill in the gaps with one of the following: 'A', 'An', 'The' or 'Zero Article (Ø)'.

Job Interview - Articles - 'A', 'An', 'The'[Continued from Part 2: The Vacancy]

- [Interviewer] And what would you say is (1)...... most challenging part of managing (2)...... team?

- [You] Basically, I think it's important to ensure everyone is working to (3)...... target. For example, I discuss (4)...... sales goals with each sales assistant and check their progress throughout the day.

- [Interviewer] What if there is (5)...... emergency?

- [You] Well, I think a team needs to be flexible. I see it as my job to anticipate (6)...... problems and delegate (7)...... responsibility if necessary.

4. Closing questions:

- [Interviewer] Great. Before we finish I'd like to ask you (8)...... couple of general questions. First of all, what would you say are your strengths as a manager?

'Target Driven'- [You] I would say I have two main strengths. (9)......first is that I'm good with (10)...... people - I enjoy motivating a team and identifying skills.
Secondly, I'm (11)...... very target-driven person, which means I can organise people better.

- [Interviewer] And your weaknesses?

- [You] Well, I have very high expectations from myself and others, and (10)...... people sometimes say I am (12)...... perfectionist.

- [Interviewer] [Later] Well I'm very impressed. Do you have any questions you'd like to ask? [After questions] Thank you for coming. I'll be in touch in (13)...... few days.

- [You] I'll look forward to it. It's been (14)...... pleasure meeting you.



1. 'the' 
This is a superlative, which requires the word 'the' + '-est'.

2. 'a'
The word 'team' is countable, singular, and general. Therefore we need the article 'a'.

3. 'a'
Countable, singular, general.

4. (Zero Article)
The relevant noun is 'teams' which is countable, plural and general. Therefore no article is needed.

5. 'an'
The word 'emergency' is countable, singular, general and starts with a vowel. We therefore use 'an'.

6. (Zero Article)
Countable, plural and general.

7. (Zero Article)
The relevant noun is 'responsibility', which is uncountable and general. We therefore don't need an article.

8. 'a'
'A couple of' means two. Always remember the article 'a' for this quantity.

9. 'The'
The word 'first' is specific. Therefore we use 'the'.

10. (Zero Article)
Countable, plural and general.

11. (Zero Article)
Countable, plural and general.

12. 'a'
Countable, singular and general.

13. 'a'
'A' goes before 'few' if the noun after is countable. ('Day' is indeed countable.)

14. 'a'
The word 'pleasure' is countable, singular, general.

John says If you forget your articles, your English will not sound good. Make sure you know them perfectly.

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