We are...

... a group of native teachers (originally from England, USA and Australia). Our aim is to provide students with a set of resources that will help them understand and practice particular grammar areas.

The site is also intended as a free extra aid to teachers. There are many materials here which can work well in the classroom (or for students' homework).

Why the focus on grammar?

Because it's basic grammar mistakes that sound the worst to native speakers - and often all that's needed is a little more understanding and practice. As we continue to add lessons and exercises, we strongly recommend that students keep coming back and reviewing old lessons until individual grammar points are automatic.

Why do we offer the materials for free?

We are able to keep our materials free by running occasional advertising and offering certain paid materials, which help pay for the running costs of the site.

Your feedback

We are always happy to take your grammar questions and suggestions. You can see a list of recent questions and comments here. Please also let us know if you would like to recommend other websites which have helped you.

Good luck!
Francis, Marie, Elise & David
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We welcome all student feedback and invite you to tweet us or send us an email (with "student email" in the subject).

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     Countable and uncountable nouns 

     Countable and Uncountable
     Learn the two key rules

     "The": Special Uses
      "The": Special Uses
      10 special uses of 'the' here

     Phrasal Verbs - Part 1 

     Phrasal Verbs Part 1
     Each example with a picture

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